Apex Legends Adding Octane Tomorrow, But He's Not Part Of The Battle Pass

Respawn is kicking off the first season of its new battle royale game, Apex Legends, tomorrow on March 19 with the release of the Season 1 Battle Pass. That's also the day when the game's newest playable Legend, Octane, will arrive--but you'll need to purchase him separately if you're hoping to try him out.

Despite being promoted heavily alongside Apex Legends' Season 1 Battle Pass, Respawn has confirmed that Octane will not be included as part of it. Rather, like Mirage and Caustic, he'll be sold through the in-game store for 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins. The former currency can be earned through gameplay, while the latter is purchased using real-world money. However, you can get some free Apex Coins by signing up for EA/Origin Access.

Ahead of Octane's release, Respawn has shared some more details about the new Legend on the PlayStation Blog. Outfitted with metal legs after blowing his off during a "record-breaking gauntlet speed-run," Octane is a thrill-seeker who uses "death-defying moves." With his Adrenaline Junkie ability, Octane is able to exchange health for speed, and his Ultimate--Launch Pad--can send the squad flying through the air.

While this marks the first time Octane has officially been confirmed, players have known about him for several weeks now. The character's existence had been previously been leaked, most credibly when an image of him appeared on the Origin website. Respawn also teased his impending arrival by placing his jump pads in the game near Market.

Like Fortnite's Battle Pass, the Apex Legends Season 1 Pass costs 950 Apex Coins (roughly $10). Through it, players will be able to unlock 100 tiers of cosmetic rewards, including character and weapon skins, banner frames, and more. You'll also be able to earn enough Apex Coins to pay for Season 2's Battle Pass. You can read more about how the Apex Legends Battle Pass works here.