Game Update: June 26, 2019

Z1BR servers will come down in all regions on Wednesday, June 26 at 2 PM PDT / 10 PM BST to bring you the new game update. Estimated downtime is 2 hours. Full patch notes below:

Game Updates:

  • New Arcade Mode: Hot Dog Eating Contest
  • Hot Dog Eating Contest will run from Wednesday, June 26 to Wednesday, JUly 10
  • Hot Dog Champion: Collect 100 Hot Dogs to earn the Patriotic Motorcycle Helmet (ultra rare)
  • Hot Dog Eating King: Win an Arcade Mode match with the Golden Hot Dog in your possession to earn the Patriotic Unicorn Mask (legendary)
  • Once a player completes the Hot Dog Eating King challenge, the golden hot dog will no longer be visible to that player (they can still collect regular hot dogs)
  • New Crate: Patriotic Set Crate is now available

Bug Fixes:

  • Item icons are fixed including the Vixen Set Crate