PUBG Update #29 - Now Live!

Update #29 is now available on live servers.

Patch #29 is live and with it comes our 2nd Vikendi loot rebalance, new spawn kit options when creating Custom Matches and a brand new Tactical Map Marker system for communicating with your duo partner or squadmates. For a brief overview on this update’s highlights you can watch the Patch Report here:

In this update, Vikendi was balanced to be friendlier to mid & long range firefights with increased ARs, SRs, and DMRs, plus the addition of the MK47 Mutant for that extra burst of firepower.
For more details on what was tweaked, fixed and upgraded, read our detailed Patch Update #29 Notes.

In addition to the changes to the game, a new round of Broadcaster Royale skins are available for purchase. You can see all of the latest Broadcaster Royale skins here.

The season is almost over for Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card. You’ve only got a few short weeks left to complete missions and earn those glorious rewards. Once it wraps on June 5th, you’ll be able to review your progress and completions on an updated interface. You’ll also be able to claim any earned XP from completed missions until June 26th.

The clock is ticking, so drop into Vikendi, kit up your rifle and finish closing out those mission objectives. We’ll see you on the Battlegrounds.