The Division 2 Review Roundup

The Division 2's release date has finally arrived. The game is available on store shelves around the world, meaning players are once again diving into Dark Zones and looting friends and enemies alike, except this time in the dramatic surroundings of Washington DC.

The question is, though, is this sequel any good? GameSpot's Division 2 review-in-progress awarded the game a 9/10, with Edmond Tran stating he's "still enamored with" the sequel after 30 hours of game time.

For more on the critical consensus on The Division 2, read on below. Alternatively, see a wider view on critics' opinions on GameSpot sister site Metacritic.

GameSpot -- 9/10 (Review-In-Progress)

"After spending 30 hours completing the campaign and beginning to dabble in the endgame, I'm still enamored with The Division 2. The range of enemy types continues to keep combat encounters challenging, the equipment I earn and pick up continues to feel different and valuable. The ravaged environments continue to intrigue, and sometimes they're so stunning I find myself needing to take a screenshot before I move on. There is still so much to see in The Division 2, but I want to take the time to see it. I have absolutely no clue why I'm here or what anyone's motivations are, and I wish I had a narrative purpose to my endless hunger for progression. But I'm glad to be here right now." -- Edmond Tran [Full review-in-progress]

Eurogamer -- No Score

"From start to finish, The Division 2 pulls in ... bits of American history with unwavering earnesty and yet manages to say absolutely nothing. Worse, it goes out of its way to say nothing. The result is that the only real message The Division 2 manages to impart is that guns will keep you safe. Despite the advertising campaign this is not a game about saving the soul of America, it's a game about the good guys with guns taking what they want from the bad guys with guns. A shame, because if you can look past the vacuity and the slapdash politicisation of The Division 2, there's a great game to be enjoyed here--even if you'll never quite escape the sense that it's a thunderingly dumb one." -- Johnny Chiodini [Full review]

VG247 -- No Score

"I'm not always convinced games will improve all that much post-launch and I can only review what I've played, but Ubisoft has a good track record of making games far better than they are at launch with frequent updates. For now, I have to at least commend The Division 2 for getting the basics right. There’s a compelling endgame, there’s loot that actually matters, and missions don’t feel like they’re copy and pasted to bulk out the runtime. If some of the frustrations can be ironed out, it could be the best of its genre. But for the love of god, please let your writers say something if you ever make another one." -- Kirk McKeand [Full review]

The Telegraph -- No Score (Review-In-Progress)

"Whether altruism is as essential as that fly new beanie hat will be up to you. The Division 2 is doing a solid job at both, currently performing a smart balancing act that could tip either way as the game progresses and keeping things interesting becomes more of a challenge. But so far, so good." -- Tom Hoggins [Full review-in-progress]

IGN -- 8.0/10 (Review-In-Progress)

"The Division 2's initial leveling progression has been a relatively joyful undertaking. It clears the low bar set for the genre with ease, but it's still not an experience I'd subject myself to in a vacuum, without the promise of a deep and interesting endgame. In order to really succeed from here on out The Division 2 needs to show me that my time was well spent by providing me with the kind of unique, progression-based multiplayer PvE and PvP gameplay that I can only get in a shared-world shooter." -- James Duggan [Full review-in-progress]