Z1BR Game Update: March 27, 2019

Reticle Blocking Begone
Currently there are two situations where your reticle will get blocked, aiming uphill and while crouch strafing, both of which make it extremely difficult to aim. With today's patch we have made the following adjustments that address these issues:

  • Lowered the weapon placement on the back of the character model to prevent weapons from blocking the reticle when aiming up hill.
  • Moved the crouched camera height up to prevent the players head from blocking the reticle when strafing side to side while crouched.

  • Made an optimization to how the system handles packet bundling. Players should be seeing an improvement of 5-10 ms in their pings.
  • A few things relating to how the in game HUD animates specific elements are being changed/optimized to increase performance and address possible micro stutters.
  • Applying a change to a system that interacts with the in game UI that should net players some extra frames. FPS gain will vary based upon players hardware.
  • Optimized the in game flora.

Bug Fixes
  • Removed vehicle spawners for POIs that no longer exist. (ex: Carnival)
  • Swapped out the H1Z1 logos to Z1 logos on the crates in the background of the "Redeem a Code" menu.
  • Fixed an issue with the wood slats on the back of some 2 story houses where players could get stuck and be unable to move.
  • Fixed the "Prone Blocked" messaging getting stuck permanently on screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the in queue timer overlapping onto the crowns currency in the front end menu.
  • Green text was popping up at the start of the match in the broadcast message. This text color has been corrected to white to match the rest of the messaging that occurs in this system.
  • Fixed: After a team mate died and went into spectate mode their chevron was still visible to the players were still alive. It would show up floating behind whoever the player was spectating.
  • Fixed a bug that was briefly popping the end match screen onto a players screen when they were clicking spectate to watch their team mate who was still alive.
  • After throwing your last grenade, regardless of type, players were being swapped to their fists. This has been changed to use whatever the previous weapon slot the player had active before using the throwable.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the end game screen from showing up in fives matches.
  • Fixed a bug that was making the shot block icon get stuck on screen if you switched to fists while a player was using free look.
  • Various fixes to the messaging on the requirements of a few missions.
  • Fixed an error for a portion of the UI that wasn't switching from English to the localized language for other regions.
  • Audio feedback was not playing when mousing over menu options, this has been fixed.
  • In normal solos at the end of a match the messaging was still telling players they needed to go to Ranked Pro mode to progress. This was a messaging error in the system and has been corrected to show the player how far they have to go to get to the next tier.
  • Cleaned up team mates loading into the world on the front end menu when joining the group.

Known Issues
  • The weapon model in the kill feed may appear facing the wrong direction.